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Masque Alfresco Presents!

The Misanthrope

Not unlike our current socio-political landscape, Paris in the 1660’s was rife with scandal and social abuses. Lawsuits were rampant and anyone who spoke their truth was subject to being branded a social outcast, especially our hero, Alceste (rhymes with “pest”) who refuses to go along to get along!
Unfortunately for him, he happens to be in love with Celemene, the most sought-after coquette, who relishes gossip parties and notches her fan with all of her adoring beaus. With this clash of priorities, hilarity ensues!

Masque Alfresco’s version of The Misanthrope is adapted by Fayra Teeters to run a little over an hour and features our renowned commedia dell’arte traditions: slapstick antics, stock characters, colorful period costumes, while incorporating contemporary social, political, and celebrity jokes into each performance.
This production features the talents of company regulars:
Erik Montague as the lead Alceste
Kenneth Dembo as the filthy-rich suitor Acaste
Fayra Teeters as Arsinoe, the Grand Dame of Prudes
Rian Turner as the diplomatic friend, Philinte
With the addition of outstanding new talent:
Laine Wagner as the coquette Celemene
Mikayla Albano as her cousin Eliante
John Bryant as the poet Oronte
Troy Sawyer as Citandre, the Fop.
These FREE performances are family-friendly!
Be sure to bring lawn chairs, picnics and your funny bone!

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays August 10 – 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Aug 10-19 Beaverton Library Lawn, 12375 SW 5 th & Hall Blvd.
Aug 24-26 Theatre in the Hood, 9020 SW Caroline Dr. Portland

Near Jesuit High School, Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy & Jameison

Performed outdoors on the bricks
Bring pillows, lawn chairs & a picnic
Admission is Free
(Hat passed at the end of the show)
503-254-5104 for information

Funded in part, by grants from:
Cultural Coalition of Washington County
Oregon Cultural Trust,
Beaverton Arts & Culture Foundation
Beaverton Arts Program
Clackamas County Cultural Coalition
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department