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The Imaginary Invalid

Argan's household is at sixes and sevens because he spends his days focused on imaginary illnesses. As Doctor and Apothecary bills pile up, he decides to marry his daughter Angelique off to Thomas Diaphorus, the slow-witted son of Dr. Diaphorus, just to have a doctor in the family. But Angelique has pledged her heart to Cleante, a clever young man who poses as her music teacher in order to infiltrate the engagement party.Toinette, the saucy maid, and Argan's quick-tempered brother, Beralde, plot together to overthrow the control Argan's doctors have on him. In a moment of brilliant madness, Toinette poses as yet another doctor who advises Argan to cast off all the others - but can she make it stick? Especially since her fake beard keeps slipping?