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Leg Wrestling with Wittgenstein

Leg Wrestling with Wittgenstein
(a kick-ass existential tragicomedy)
by Don Teeters
Directed by Fayra Teeters
Masque Alfresco presents the world premiere of Leg Wrestling with Wittgenstein, an existential tragicomedy featuring an unknown high school teacher and self-proclaimed philosopher, Vaughn Miracle. Heís spent 10 diligent years on his doctorial dissertation dissecting the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, the famous 20th century philosopher. After ten reclusive years Vaughn now considers himself to be Wittgensteinís equal, basking in narcissistic self-delusion. An accidental shooting by a student leaves Vaughn in a coma-induced netherworld. Now Vaughn is forced to look more closely at what is real and what is not, something he only thinks he does. In this altered state he is confronted by a tribunal of demonic hybrids who are after his soul and exhaust him with their absurd logic. He becomes confused and his own logic begins to fall apart as they brainwash him into believing what isnít. That is the crux of what he must overcome: believing what isnít. To do that Vaughn must go through the demonic creatures to eventually match wits with his idol, Ludwig Wittgenstein, taking his mind to where itís never been. Even is he does break out of his coma, thereís still his friend Frank, whoís having an affair with his wife while Vaughnís physical body lays in a hospital bed. If he can change his delusional beliefs he may have a chance. Otherwise like so many others, Vaughn might as well be worshipping Christ on a traffic sign or sticking his head in the sand.
Funded in part by a grant from Subud International Cultural Association