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Lovers' Quarrels

Lovers' Quarrels features:

Gros Rene, wily servantMark Friendly
Eraste, his boss, loves LucileTory Mitchell
Marinette, wily female servantElizabeth Houghton
Tara Hershberger
Lucile, beloved of ErasteElizabeth Fritsch
Courtney Lloyd
Ascagne, passing as maleKatie Mortemore
Valere, in love with LucileStan Brown
Mascar, servant to ValereRian Turner
Frosine, Ascagne's nurseMaryAnne Glazebrook
Albert, rich-guy, Lucile's dadMark Friendly
Polidora, rich-widow, Valere's momMaryAnne Glazebrook
Director:Fayra Teeters
Stage Manager:Robin Pair
Props:Rian Turner
Costumer:Nan Frederick
WebmasterRobin Pair
Rapologist:Ravyn Jazper-Hawke
Song Lyrics:Rian Turner

Masque Alfresco presents: Lovers' Quarrels

Masque Alfresco presents its 12th Summer Park Tour with a modern adaptation of Lovers’ Quarrels by Moliere. This play is Moliere’s hilarious, romantic rendering of commedia dell’arte theater, suitable for all ages, with colorful period costumes, slapsticks, and broad physical comedy, plus Moliere’s astute social commentary updated with current political references. All performances are free to the public who are invited to join us for this event with picnics and lawn chairs and their funny bones.

Imagine a society where girls can't inherit (Downton Abbey, anyone?) and to save the family fortune, a very cunning girl, Ascagne, is forced to masquerade as a boy her entire life. Then imagine two hotheaded rivals, Eraste and Valere, both vying for the hand of Lucile, both equally convinced that she loves only them. Is Lucile a deceiving flirt playing one lover against the other, or is something else going on in the moonlit garden when Valere secretly marries the woman of his dreams? Add to this a mess of comical servants who mirror their masters with their own lovers' quarrels, plus two overbearing parents who need to keep up appearances, even if it kills them – and you have a recipe for hilarity and romance as only Moliere and Masque Alfresco can deliver.