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Venetian Twins

Venetian Twins by Carlo Goldoni (1748) produced and directed by Artistic Director, Fayra Teeters, with this year's adaptation created by Ravyn Jazper-Hawke. It features Masque Alfresco regulars: Tory Mitchell, Ravyn Jazper-Hawke, Rian Turner. Amazingly colorful commedia dell'arte costumes were fashioned by Nan Frederick.

Goldoni's spaghetti-tangle of a farce compares hilariously to Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Twin brothers: Zanetto and Tonino, separated at birth, arrive in Verona on the same day and get mistaken for one another. Each has a girlfriend who are driven to distraction by mistaken identities. Luckily, as in many commedia plays, it's the wily, smart aleck servants who come to the rescue and save the day. Why no one thinks to put two and two together until the very last minute is for the audience to decide and enjoy!