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The Would-be Gentleman
Moliere's Commedia Dell'arte Satire
Adapted & Directed by Fayra Teeters

Tory MitchellElizabeth HoughtonKen Dembo
Laurence CoxSarah Keyes ChangRian Turner
Daniel RobertsonRavyn Jazper-HawkeKathryn Brown
Amanda ClarkNan Frederick (Costumer)

The play is produced, directed, and adapted by Artistic Director, Fayra Teeters. It features Masque Alfresco regulars: Tory Mitchell, Ken Dembo, Rian Turner, Elizabeth Houghton, Ravyn Jazper-Hawke, and introducing to the world of commedia: Daniel Robertson, Laurence Cox, Amanda Clark, and Sarah Keyes Chang. Amazingly colorful commedia dell'arte costumes are created by Nan Frederick.

Imagine building a decent fortune through hard work and good business sense, only to blow it all trying to improve your social station - a pathetic reverse of "Keeping up with the Joneses." Jordain makes himself the dupe of every scammer, every fortune hunter, every sycophant in town. He hires a dancing teacher, a music teacher, a philosopher, and an extravagant tailor - all to prop him up in his dream of becoming a gentleman. His newfound friend, Count Dorante, steals money from him and scams him at every turn - all in the name of advancing his cause with the King. Jordain's long-suffering wife has the good sense to see through the sham, but she's becoming more of a shrew each day and is easily ignored. But selling her daughter to the highest bidder in the social-war will not happen on her watch!! Luckily, as in many of Moliere's plays, it's the wily, smart aleck servants who come to the rescue and save the day.